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A CSR initiative of V.V.V. & Sons Edible Oils Ltd. 


A novel programme that teaches the teachers!

         The programme aims at keeping the teachers updated with the modern trends and styles of teaching.

Project Chairman

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 Rtn. Thanigaivel Pandian
(+91) 94431 66650

Project Faculty

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PG.  U.Jeyaraman


         TEACH is a wondrous drive of Rotary Club of Virudhunagar to facilitate the teachers of educational institutions. The programme brings to the teaching community, the modern methods of teaching and the changing mindset of students in this fast moving world. A good number of teachers, who attended this programme have become tomorrow-ready. After all, the teachers take care of the farmlands that yield the citizens of our nation. Let’s equip them well. So far 109 programmes have been organized. 

Memorable Moments

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